Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The sunshine is ..... shining

Hasn't the weather been brill lately? The sun has been shining beautifully here in the middle of Scotland - in between the snow and the wind, of course.

It has had the effect of making me feel lighter and brighter, which is such a relief after the last few months.

Maria, the lovely chiropractor, was as impressed as me at the progress I am making with my back.

'Not bad, for someone who is supposed to be disabled, eh?' she remarked today.
Referring, of course to the twatting physio who had me written off a few weeks ago. Hah!

I have actually been to the hairdressers as well this week. Ah, the bliss of actually looking like me again. Spent too, too much money on it, of course, but who gives, eh?

I am twittering on here and I've got loads of stuff to do, including about three weeks of a course I am only four weeks into, oops.

There are grant applications to be made for our local community hall, now that the the ladies are near to making some sort of sodding decision about what exactly it is they require in the new kitchen, after only, oh, about five meetings - still gives them plenty of time to change their minds. As well as crafts to complete for competitions - a man's tie, a pair of slippers, a hooded jacket, a jar of marmalade, and various items. Luckily, I hold the view that these are just a bit of fun, and it has the added effect of making me do things.

At our local craft group, one of the ladies agreed to teach us Hardanger embroidery. This involves making stitches in a group called a kloster, making a pattern or frame out of these and then snipping away threads. The most important instruction we had when making these snips was to breathe! Oh, I was quite blase after my first one had gone very well. I then came home after buying some materials and special scissors with which to cut, but oops, twice, yes twice! I mucked up the blimmin' thing. So, now have to start again and get it right. I am soo looking forward to tomorrow, when we learn the next bit. And, I now have plans for everything I can do with Hardanger. I have plans.....


Primrose Hill said...

Hey missy, how are you? Sounds like the back is on the mend! Really need to get back into my blog ( and do that draw!), life was a bit hectic before Orkney and just as bad since we got back, not enough hours in the day!

Must get on with that tie...!!!

Speak to you soon, take care,

Lisa xx

Dusty Spider said...

Well you sound better at last! How are the dear ladies? Sounds like you've got lots on again and well done you for getting right back into it all. Never heard of a Hardanger. You learn something new every day!
Love and Hugs, Flick x

tea and cake said...

Lisa: you too, with the tie?!

Flick: yay, and I've been learning about facinators on yours, too!

love to you both xxx