Monday, 31 March 2008

A sock tree and chicken soup

Not usually one to blog on about 'What I had for my dinner' that is exactly what I am now going to do!

With both me and Mr P having such rotten colds that just got worse today, I cancelled my car service and stayed later in bed.

But, for lunch we had chicken soup. The best kind of chicken soup - made by boiling the bones of a chicken to get the lovely jelly stock. Then cooking up the stock with luverly veggies; and today I added a couple of small tins of cannellini beans for added protein. We sat in front of the fire on this bright, sunshiney, but frostily cold day and ate it. Ah, it did the trick!

I am also experimenting with various types of mash (creamed potatoes) and this evening decided to try potato and butternet squash. Squash seems an apt word, as it came out very sloppy, so I did no more, but 'piled' the roast chicken legs on the top, as if I was a telly chef. Mmmm. And, I'm afraid I did succumb to (another) piece of Mr T's birthday cake - oh, how I love T£sco birthday cake. Though it was bought for him, you understand? That's alright, then.

But, soup and mash is not all I have been up to. There is a chance, later in the year, for me to take up part of a stall at a large craft fair, so I needed to have a think about what I wanted to make.

And, to start with, I came up with these baby socks - aren't they soooo cute?!*

I'm aiming to do some matching hats, and vary the sizes. There are lots of other ideas as well, and at least I have got plenty of time to get my stocks up.

I did make a small blanket as well, for a new baby in the family but, apparently, the parents only like stuff from N£xt, or somesuch so, nanny's lolly dolly pop gratefully received it!

There are also two other little baby girlies who I have the pleasure of knitting for, so I'm keeping busy and getting bored is never a notion I entertain!

* I have now made the other blue one!


Dusty Spider said...

Love the socks and the recipe's! Can you sell soup on your stall? Just an idea......daft really.....Flick xx

tea and cake said...

Not such a daft idea, Flick, I shall have to find out! xx

apprentice said...

Love the socks and I admire the patience of knitters -I knit holes!

Hope you're feeling better.

tea and cake said...

Hello apprentice, lovely to see you again. You may knit holes but your pictures are superb!
Hope you are feeling better, too. k x