Tuesday, 11 March 2008


My brother, wicker man, has been sober for FOUR MONTHS TODAY!

How wonderful is that?!

It has taken him a lot longer than that to do the 'work' required to at least get to the point of not taking alcohol. Ever. Again.

Wicker man is a wonderful man, a fantastic brother to all of us sibs, a great friend to his sibs' partners, children and grandchildren. He is a son second to none and a father of the first order. This man deserves to be sober.

Thank Goodness or whichever higher power he believes in, he now knows that he can and is all of the above to Himself.

We all love wicker man, sober, stoned or drunk.

All we need now, is for him to continue to love himself.

Big, big Hugs and Kisses to Wicker Man. xxxxx


Dusty Spider said...

That's great news. He deserves to do well. Flick xx

Graeme K Talboys said...

Brilliant news. That takes real strength.

tea and cake said...

Awe, big thanks to you both, Flick and Grum xxx

jude parsons said...

hey you! great news about wicker man. also glad you getting about a bit better. see you in the usual place ;-)

tea and cake said...

Hi jude, thanx. C U there!