Friday, 22 February 2008


I'm starting a new job!

It's only for two days a week. And, it won't interfere with my daily dose of 'Homes Under the Hammer,' 'To Buy or Not to Buy' or anything. I will still be able to go out and see my mates for lunch, attend the weekly crafters' group, do my part-time study, be on the local community hall committee, and attend the fortnightly fostering panel meetings, etc.

Oh, and I'll continue with the two part-time day jobs I already have. And, I shall have company.

This newest one is going to be facinating, frustrating, physical, wearing, full of pleasure and joy, give me extra washing. But, I shall also learn how to put up the highchair in the kitchen, one-handed, Use Real Nappies, play colours, blocks and peep-bo, as well as taking pictures on my mobile to send to mummy.

Yep, hooray! I am going to be looking after my beautiful baby grand-daughter on two days a week, while mummy goes to work.

My interview for the post only lasted the thirty years it took to raise mummy.

ps. the back Is improving all the time, but nanny will need grandad's help at the beginning. Mr T just loves the way I include him in all my plans.


Dusty Spider said...

What a lucky girl to have such a dedicated Nanny! And you'll have a lovely time too. Enjoy! xxxxx

tea and cake said...

Thanks, Dusty! And, great to see you're back! xxx

Buggles Balham High Road said...

Best job ever.

Dusty Spider said...

There's a shiny "E for excellant" award for you to pick up from my blog. Keep up the good work. Lots of Love, Flick.

tea and cake said...

Hi Buggles, it certainly is.

Hi Dusty, I shall pop over now.