Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Knicker Change

Erm, yes, literally. No, this isn't a further virus bulletin, so don't worry. It's just that I do feel rather wobbly and, if I move quickly, or *whisper* talk for any kind of length of time, I'm liable to fall over as if I have the vapours. Not a pretty sight at the mo' especially as I could best be described as a scraggy witch eg. dark circles under the eyes, no need to put in me teeth as no-one is going to see me, still in my jarmas and dressing-gown. You get the picture.

Well, Mr T, star that he is has kindly refresshed the bed, so I was sitting there in the quiet, having some clean laundry to put away. So, looked into the nightie drawer and decided to shuffle stuff about and then clear it out of anything that I hadn't worn in the past year. Needless to say this was done, just keeping those cute little pair of summer pj's I bought, oh, about, now let me see, how many years ago? Haven't ever worn them, but they had a stay of execution as I Will fit into them .... maybe not quite this summer, but soon, soon.

Then, ta DA, came the Knicker drawer. I won't bore you with all the numbers, but suffice it to say that at least 21 pairs finally went into the bin (leaving just 14 'holiday' pants, 13 good-enough pants and those gorgeous 6 new pairs) even though they still had loads of wear in them. You see, this is a crux of the matter. They were all still very serviceable, and that's why so many usually remain.

The other crux is that as I am of the larger variety of sexy bombshell (not today, not today) I do just love pretty and sexy underwear. And, I really do feel that just because I'm not a size - er, what size does a slim woman wear now? - there is no reason on this earth why I should not wear gorgeous underthings. Thank goodness M & S and other outlets agree.

But, the secret, that I have only just, this day, worked out - is to get rid of stuff, if you are buying new so that the whole house isn't clogged to the hilt. So, if I can't stop myself purchasing new undies, then a knicker change it has to be.


Dusty Spider said...

My knickers have to be comfy first and pretty next. Or is that too much information?? Fxxxxx

tea and cake said...

LOL! Could this be the start of a Great Debate, d'you think? xx