Monday, 25 February 2008

Dear Diary ....

Yes, dear diary I am feeling glum today. Actually, I am feeling like shit. I have this parvo or novo virus thing that is currently entertaining us around the country. I had the vomiting on Saturday, no, sorry diary, you really don't want to hear all the details, though, if you had been close enough, hear you would have done.

Mr T is currently out hunting, as men do, for the Imodium (that he said would be good, but I'm only taking now that I've spoken to a proper doctor) and some coke that I may sip at intervals. No food then, for a third day etc. etc. boring stuff.

So, I was listening to that lovely 19 year old singer, Adele, on 'This Morning' and realising she has such a beautiful talent, and years and years ahead of her to fullfil her potential. And she will go far, you can hear it.

And, there's me (Warning: Feeling Sorry For Self Here) been stuck here since before Xmas with a sodding rotten, bad back - and now the lurgey! Will I EVER feel better, feel human? Will I ever keep to the arrangements I have made to sit on the fostering panel, attend committee meetings and do the things I said I would do? Will I ever just go out the door and enjoy a walk?

I know, I know. I do know, really.

And then.

I think I shall pour out my woes to my friends from the ether, clock in, and there's a lovely, lovely Award! From Dusting for Spiders Thank you so much, Flick, You are a Star!

Here endeth the blimmin' blues.

And, there has been one bit of silver lining - due to my innards not being accepting of anything at all. I had to stop the huge amounts of extremely strong painkilling medication for the last few days. And, though I am only sitting or laying around.......... so far, not too bad, so this may mean a great reduction in medicine = can drive the car legally. When I am up and about of course.


Dusty Spider said...

So sorry to hear you are poorly again. I can't believe it! Is this the second time you've caught this? Bad luck or what!! Anyway, big hugs winging their way. Speak soon. Flick x

tea and cake said...

Hello Flick, yes it is and this time it is the worst I've Ever Been! Am feeling slightly better today but still very, very wobbly :-( Can't even drink a cuppa tea, bah!