Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Time moves on ...

... and baby Ellie is still very beautiful.

I had a call from nanny's best girl yesterday morning, to say that mummy was in a lot of pain and crying. So, the doctor was called, and I dashed down to her. Ooh, she was poorly.

Anyway, the doc arrived, pronounced no infection and prescribed some lovely, very strong painkillers. A couple of hours later an almost stoned mummy was sleeping and I got to look after them all for the day. Bliss! (for me, not mummy.)

Huge pile of ironing, and well sorted-out nursery and the family were all tucked up nicely, and she was much better when I saw her this morning. She'd really been over-doing it - all within a week of major abdominal surgery she'd - been making her own cups of tea, attended nanny's best girl's sports day, been shopping at T£sco, twice. Too, too much.

Yesterday was also our 32nd wedding anniversary. We reckon we've lasted so long because only one of us at a time has wanted to leave the other. If we'd both wanted to leave at the same time - we would have parted.

This stems, I suppose, from both of us having divorced parents. We honestly believed that people didn't stay married. But, we're still here, thankfully = best friends, and all. Well, most of the time. Well, sometimes!

He does think I'm mad, though. Tomorrow I shall be travelling umpteen miles to collect a free small chest of drawers from someone who is offering it on
Freecycle Which is a brill site for people offering stuff they no longer need, and people offering homes for said stuff.

At least I don't have to work tomorrow evening, yay! We have some lovely people staying at the house that our boss owns. Sometimes, the people staying are ok, and only one so far has gotten right up my fucking nose, by being a right royal pain in the arse.

But, these ones are Gems - very polite, courteous, don't mess me about by asking for stuff I haven't prepared for, Clean Up after themselves (deep joy) keep their dogs under control and are just plain pleasant to be around and work for.

So, all's well in my world.

Oh, and nanny best girl has requested that only she be called that. Righto, I said. Her baby sister is now officially know as 'Lolly Dolly-Pop' because she is so scrummy etc, etc.


headless chicken said...

What a lovely happy post!!!
Congratulations on 32 years of marriage...well done to both of you. My husband and I (oooh,sounds a bit royal!)reckon we are stuck with eachother for life as nobody else would put up with either of us!
I hope your daughter is well soon...she's obviously been doing way too much,too soon!
I'm off to check out Freecycle..................

Misssy M said...

Happy Anniversary, Meeester M and I are only on 11. But I think your reasons for not parting are hilarious- may steal in the future!

And freecycle is the best thing ever- it is a genius idea. I urge EVERYONE to join!

tea and cake said...

headless chicken: it does make a change for me to write a happy post! And, glad to be converting at least one other person to freecycle!

misssy m: steal away!

Went out for our dinner tonight and had Boboti (?spelling) a South African mince dish and it was delish! I shall try and make it.

Hair is cut so, all anniversary stuff done now, for another year!
love, kaz xx

Ally said...

Happy Anniversary!

Karen said...

Lolly Dolly-Pop has a better ring to it than Nanny's Second Best Girl.

Congratulations on the anniversay we're somewhere round 26ish years but we're not very good at paying attention

tea and cake said...

hi karen, I bought Mr T a box of nutty toffee (sums him up really!) for us to share. xx

Jen said...

32 years is amazing - well done and all that!

Lovely to hear you so bursting with happiness :)

tea and cake said...

awe, thanks jen! xx

tea and cake said...

Oops, and Thanks, Ally! Hope you're having a good time with B. xx