Tuesday, 26 June 2007

A Smile - a Real One!

Apologies. It's a nanny thing.

I got a real smile today from Ellie! They say she's too young at two weeks and one day old but, when I greeted her with a 'hello you' she looked at me and her eyes lit up, then she grinned at me!

Apologies again, but I am in love!


Jilly said...

Thank you so much for the comment and link, I was unaware an organisation like that existed, very kind of you to point me in its direction.

I'm off to buy a huge bread roll to put that baby in, getting the urge to gobble her up! Soo adorable.

tea and cake said...

You're welcom,jilly, hope they can help.

As for baby bread rolls, you wouldn't even need hazlenut chocolate spread!

Karen said...

Can I have the bunny?

tea and cake said...

um, I think that might be for nanny! It is lovely, isn't it? My friend knitted it for her.