Sunday, 24 June 2007

My cup runeth over ...

... all because I have had the best nights' sleep in a year.

The story...

Last year we bought a new bed. All spiffing it was. Brown leather headboard and footboard. Quite the most modern thing we had had in, well, years. Sumptuous, with new leafy green bedding to go on it and everything.

Mr T doesn't like the bedding at all. But, I've bought it, and love it, so it gets used in rotation with our other stuff.

We have really treated ourselves to a goose down duvet, that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. With only the small addition of my dressing gown over me, in the really, deep mid-winter.


It was bloody uncomfortable, nay painful. To the point of near to tears each morning. So, not enough sleep, let alone quality sleep was making me tired and more than a tad grumpy.

We'd done all sorts, with the most recent trial of putting boards over the slats - a thin one for me and thicker one for Mr T. To no avail.

Then, yesterday I happened to pinch his half of the bed when he was on morning cuppa duty and, Bingo! Comfort.

So, yesterday Mr T and my bro, Wicker man went a hunting at the wood place and brought home the kill of a lovely, thick board to put over the whole of the slats.

I slept. I slept until 9.15! This is well better than the 4.30 - 6.30 I've been getting up in the morning over the last few months - too bloody painful to enjoy laying in.

Ah, well. Bliss.

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