Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Blog Workshops

I have recently had the pleasure of taking a couple of 'Build your own Blog' workshops, and have been so impressed with how well the people have learned.  Now, some of the people in the two groups just flew.  One called herself 'click happy' but others, looked, learned, took notes and best of all just played around with it.

Some were literally scared of what might be involved when they pressed a button on the keyboard - though all were guaranteed they would not blow anything up!  All were wary about what information they wanted to share with the Whole Wide World, and quite rightly one of the first things they wished to be shown was how to protect themselves and their family, friends or clients' confidentiality, while knowing how to get viewers to see their pages.

A few were very confused about the process, but I found that as each person thought about what they would use a blog for, they could apply it and so it would make sense.  Whether it was to be used for their business, a diary, or listing dates or recording events all found their own way to get the most out of their blog.

Welcome to our world, new bloggers!


Trina said...

Thank you for the great Blog workshop, enjoyed each session.

tea and cake said...

Hey, hi and welcome! The time passed so quickly, didn't it?