Wednesday, 19 May 2010

smoke and mirrors

We had a fright yesterday.  A 'friend' told my daughter something about the current child minder that deeply upset us, and I quickly went to fetch nanny's lolly-dolly-pop away from her.  We did enjoy her company for the afternoon, and, as I had to be away to work, grandad continued to look after her - taking her for ice-cream, yum.

We were then making plans for what should happen to nanny's l-d-pop when mummy and daddy are at their work.  All this while abstaining from confronting the child minder in any way, so as not to scupper (upset, put a stop to) anything.

Then, this morning, we hear that the 'friend' who had given us the 'information' that so upset us all, had been exaggerating!  What she had said she had seen was taken out of context, and out of proportion.  For goodness sake!  However, on thinking about it, she had previously told us untruths, and increased the drama of situations in which she had been.

The carer, who up until now has been entrusted with minding our little girl, and our little girl has been so happy with her, was nearly reported to the council.  This reporting would have been on her work record - forever.

Rightly, if it had proved the information was indeed correct, then swift action would have been necessary to protect, not only our nanny's d-l-pop, but other children, too.  And, we would have no qualms about doing so, at all.  Thank goodness we decided to investigate further.

It just goes to show - you can never really trust what someone says about someone else. Isn't it?  And this woman was just a drama queen, not even doing it in a spiteful, malicious way that some people delight in doing.

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