Thursday, 20 May 2010

My Creative Space (or, the mess I'm in!)

We were talking at the craft group, last week, about the mess our craft rooms are in and as each one spoke, it seemed the 'mess' was getting worse and worse!  So, we agreed to email pictures to each other of just what a state our rooms are.  One commented, ages ago, that it doesn't matter that you have a designated room for your crafting work, the mess will spill out to the other rooms in the house.  And, Margaret, you are so unbelievably right!

Well, this is walking through the door.  As this is next to our bedroom, I usually keep this door closed-ish, so Mr T doesn't see, and then moan at me.  This is just the start of it, I'm afraid.

I have recently had a bit of a tidy-up and moved from using this flap-table (behind the ironing board) and facing where the chair now is, but the light is awful here.  The view from the window is on to another building and so the best light now comes in, over my right shoulder.  I can also use the sewing machine or flap-tables for cutting out.  Though, if it's for a large item, then either the living-room floor or the dining room table work.  The fabrics on the ironing board are my latest charity shop finds - a lovely embroidered dress, of which I will be turning into cushion fabric for my bedroom overhaul, and a lovely length of curtain fabric, which I don't know what I'm going to be doing with - just yet, but,there are ideas afoot!

It now gets worse, I'm afraid, as we move towards the yarn cupboard as here you might notice most or any of yarn recently 'shopped' for within my stash, but said stash not returned to the boxes from whence they came.  And, rather a lot of WIP's which I will get to at some point.  In here, I also hit upon the idea of hanging some of my fabric up onto coathangers, which works so long as you do it!

And, now, dear reader, the worst of my messy crime is visible here.  Every nook and cranny is crammed full of the evidence of a hoarder of addiction level!  In front of the radiator is the tall pile of the fabrics I want to use next in my projects, including the tweeds you cannot see at the bottom of a very deep box.  The dressmaker's dummy was my last year's birthday present, which I hav yet to adjust to my own measurements.  However, the bodice in progress you'll see there is not to fit me, but a dress being re-vamped from a pair of curtains.  This is for a charity shop in which my brother works, and the manager there asked me if I could possibly do this for them.  Last year.  Ahem,  I am just as the stage of gathering the very, very full skirt and then I can get it finished.  Pics on here, obv., when finished.
The spinning wheel was purchased about three years ago, after doing a day's spinning lessons, but never again picked up.  But, it will be.  One day, soon, I'm sure!

Now you have it - my guilty secret, about the place where I work and dream.


campbellgirl said...

Oh dear! It did get worse the further in we went, didn't it? LOL! I'd like to compare a pristine workspace with crafted output - bet you not a lot gets done! xxx Diane

tea and cake said...

Hello Diane! Lovely to hear from you, yes it is a mess, but I DO get a lot done, honest, xx

Claire said...

I am sure we all have corners of our craft/sewing rooms which look alot like yours. Mine is all over the kitchen table, where the best light is. Fortunately, hubby and No1 son don't mind, but it irritates me as it's the first thing you see when you walk into the house!!
Don't feel too bad you are not alone on this one.

tea and cake said...

Thanks, Claire, I do love my sewing room, though, and everything in it!

French Knots said...

Glad to other people work in the same sort of creative chaos as I do!