Thursday, 13 September 2007

Ker-rikey, and puffed cheeks

I cannot believe that I haven't posted here for so long! Ker-ikey is soo right. It's not as though nothing has happened in the last, well, few weeks. Loads has, but I can't think of anything to write about it. Boring or what?

Today, after being in quite a stressful meeting all morning, I turn on my mobile to fnd two messages. One, from my bezzy mate and her daughter to say they are on the train! So, they'll be here in.... very soon, hurrah!

The other is from someone who deffo has a problem with me. Her behaviour indicates that she feels threatened by me. I have had this in various situations before and usually ignore it.

However, this one lives locally and is involved in several of the groups and stuff that I am involved with. One of which includes a craft group. Her craft group. And, I made the mistake of winning a third prize, over her in a comp. Oops. I can't help being brilliant, can I? Ha, ha. I actually don't go around blowing my own trumpet, swag or boast about stuff I do. This is because I don't usually get the practice of winning stuff.

But, I also won a couple of thirds in the Domestic (Goddess) section of local show. And, even though postie had warned me to swap sugar for salt in the recipe the first time of entering. I didn't and she was a tad miffed.

Today's puffed cheeks were due to this person, whom I shall call Angel, booking a lunch in a place that I simply did not want to go. Reasons include that a better place is more central for eveyone, there is a garden we can sit in if it suddenly deigns to become sunny, or one of the two babies can be taken to if they hate it indoors and, I won't have to play taxi to all and sundry. I felt put upon.

I couldn't think of any way to put up and shut up with grace. What I did want to do was stamp my feet and scream that I wouldn't go, and if I did I wouldn't eat anything, and I would take just myself.

What I did in the end was to sensibly state my case, missing out the bits about feeling that I would be taken advantage of re; lifts etc.

The venue was quickly changed, with no tears, tantrums or tearing of hair.

O, so i can be a growed up then.


Papoosue said...

I am well impressed with your grown up behaviour - I am more of a 'seeth and do nothing' type myself!

Misssy M said...

Gosh! It has been a long time. How dare you have a life!

tea and cake said...

papoosue: I was Trying to be... but cannot keep my gob shut. And that usually gets me into such trouble.

misssy m: I know! Nothin' excitin' but just busy, y'know? The excitin' bit will be coming up shortly, watch this space!