Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Just a moment...

It's rare. That time, that moment when you know you are happy, your family and friends are happy and all is right with the world.

Like the rainbow we saw yesterday. It started on our left and we saw the complete half circle, to where it ended on our right. As the sun glimmered through the clouds onto the mountain, it reflected off the white house nestled on it. It encompassed the house I call home and the whole afternoon was sparkly bright.

It moved me to comment that we will remember this moment in the years to come.

As we turned a corner we disturbed a baby roe dear, and the white powder puff on its bum waved up and down as it silently took itself out of our sight, and off to find its mother.

Today, I was smacked in the face by two horrible bits of news - the (expected, unfortunately) death of a neighbour, a man who, a year ago, had been vital, fully active and had the physical strength of an ox. Fergus died today of motor neurone disease. And then I heard about a serious marriage problem of a family member that, though not life threatening, is devastating. And, it will be ongoing for some time to come.

I've had two very close friends staying this week, and they go home tomorrow, and I shall miss them so much.

But, we will remember yesterday, as being perfect. If only for just a moment.

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