Thursday, 2 August 2007

My first meme!

Well, Breezy Break decided to bring me out of my potting shed and tagged me for my first meme. Why, thank you ma'am, and here goes:

7 Things about me and gardening

1 The senior school I went to had a farm on it, and one of our lessons was Rural Science, called Double Digging, for obvious reasons. I didn’t think I listened to any of it but, surprisingly, I remember quite a lot.

2 My mother was helping me dig my patch once, when I was wearing a fairly miniscule, low cut vest (due to the heat.) She remarked that she’d looked at my melons, and weren’t ‘they doing well, dear.’ (the melons were growing in the greenhouse!)

3 Weirdly, my favourite flower to grow is a Dahlia – don’t know why, and I don’t ‘lift’ them for the winter. It’s the only flower I would grow that doesn’t have a nice smell.

4 I love to grow lavender, and obv. love the smell

5 My favourite place to garden is with me sitting in the sun, while Mr T does all the hard work. I once persuaded Mr T to move some plants a couple of inches to the left, as it was more aesthetic – yep, and got away with it!

6 Mr T loves bright colours and I prefer more, pinks, lilacs, blues etc – so we divided one of our gardens and I had all mine in pots = no arguments

7 My best job of the year is to plant my hanging baskets – so much reward for relatively little effort.

Now, I have to tag 7 other gardeners, so here goes again:

Dusty Spider is my bessy mate and loves her garden
Ducking for Apples I don't know where Ally would stop, to be frank
Kitchen Witch though, she is into knitting lately
Apprentice takes good pictures of gardens and stuff, and writes a cracking short story
Johny B's Private Secret Diary on his hols at the mo, but lives somewhere green
Stately Moans is often up to her armpits in sh**, so might plant something as well
My so-called blog now she's left work, tho' has a sparkly new sewing machine, has time for gardening, no?

And then, I need to let each of these good people know that I have given them some homework to do, sit back, feet up to read and learn more about them.
Do please join in, though if you would like.

Add some gossip, as well, if you please.


apprentice said...

I like dahlias too, though some folk get very sniffy about them.
I think there's one called merckii which is pretty hardy.

I'll give this some thought.

kate1976 said...

Are you in collusion with my mother-in-law by any chance? She is dying to make a proper gardener out of me yet. But now I have some spare time, who knows?!! Your meme will appear on my blog very soon!

Karen said...

I'm so impressed that you could persuade Mr T to move those plants

tea and cake said...

apprentice: see, I'm educational, too! (btw, I'm no.76 at Holo, and I love yours)

katy: would I?!

karen: awesome, eh?!

Ally said...

I am with Mr T - I like blues and pinks - and with you on the scented things.

*slinks off for a careful think about her own 7* ...

kate1976 said...

tag and ye shall receive! My 7 gardeny things are posted on my blog! xx

JonnyB said...

Oh dear I was on holiday and missed this. But my mother has never helped me 'tend my patch'.

tea and cake said...

jonnyb: um.