Sunday, 27 May 2007

Ooh, 'ek!

It is definitely 'Ooh, 'eck!' alright.

I've now started my proper training for the cancer research raceforlife -->

And, as I am sooo fat, and sooo unfit, it's about bloody time.

Last evening I went out with a group from the WI, not knowing the others were bringing their men with them. Mr T was nicely tucked up at home, watching the telly.

We had a lovely time, Hill Climbing! Which, for most of them, was a mere meander amongst the hills. Luckily, one of them was aged over 80 and couldn't manage to climb down the steepest bit, just to 'have a look at the river' so, I (kindly) stayed with her.

The views from the hills were Stunning. I do love Scotland.

We went back for supper which, as I'd only had chocolate for lunch, I was starving for; and got... half a cheese roll, half a ham roll and two delicious lumps of cake. So, I woofed those down with a cup of tea and left them to sup some wine and went home and had a pizza.

And, this morning a mere matter of hours after the last walk, went on another one!

Bugger, I'm hurting. Still, a few more cocodemol, some ibuprofen and cod liver oil capsules and I should be fit for the next bit - a swim tomorrow.


Julia Buckley said...

Just stumbled across your lovely blog and thought I'd say hi. Loving the name!

tea and cake said...

hi, julia and welcome! cuppa? I've quickly looked in on you, too - great stuff!

Buggles Balham High Road said...

So how's it going Kaz?

tea and cake said...

Hi buggles and welcome!
It's going, well, a bit like you; studying in intensive bursts.
AND our meal out today was spoiled a bit by my pastry & red onion Not being cooked, though the goat's cheese was melted... ate of the others' plates and didn't pay for mine.
Enough of me, how're you doing?

Buggles Balham High Road said...

Yes - eating out is a hit and miss afair isn't it? Had a pint of prawns as well this week in a pub garden and they had spread Margerine on my bread! How Could They Do That?

Done no studying for over a week so intend to have an intensive Friday and Saturday at it and try to finish the assignment.

Happy getting fit to you and happy studying.

Misssy M said...

Ha! Just been out for my run. I do the Race for Life every year and leave training 'til the last minute. that can't be good for me.

I posted about starting training here:

that was in April and here's me just starting this week.

Absolutely shameful....

tea and cake said...

I know! I haven't done anything this week... oh, bugger!