Thursday, 3 May 2007

Egg Shaped

I was wondering, over the last few days, what must it be like to be a chicken, as it lays its first egg? It surely can't be like labour, as in giving birth labour. When that happens there is a build up, of shufflings, and wrigglings and well, Pain. That builds. And Gets Worse by the Hour.

I don't know of any animal, or fish, that goes into labour to give birth for, it must be remembered, most days of its life. Like a chicken does. Can you imagine? When the wee chicken starts to feel some kind of rumblings in the nether regions -

'Sqawk! Wha' the f...?' is the very least it must say to itself, when this oval thing decides to burst out of its bum. This would scare me shitless, especially as they don't get to go to any ante-natal classes. Anyhoo, 'nuff of these meanderings. I have news.

Ahem *cough*...

Yes, our first egg, laid by one of our lovely girls, sometime this afternoon, as modelled by Mr T himself.* We are sooo very chuffed that one of our girls has come through for us.

I do feel a bit squeemish, though, about actually Eating this first egg.

* Yes, he's still wearing those damned trousers.


Karen said...

Very beautiful it is too Yes city girl that I am I found it weird but you soon get past it and you always have eggs if you can't be arsed to go to the shops

tea and cake said...

We've always had chickens before, so I can't really say why I found it weird - but they are delicious, aren't they?

can't wait for the tomatoes etc to come up so I can have a 'self-sufficent' meal like your sandwiches!