Monday, 23 December 2013

Big job

2014 is going to be my year.  It is going to be a big job.

I am currently seven, actually eight stones overweight.  I need to lose at least seven of that, to be in a healthy weight range.

I have already joined Slimming World, in order to lose the weight.  Yes, it was a silly time of year to do it - just two weeks before Christmas, but it needed to be done and I started to feel more positive as soon as I signed up.

I have long been looking at healthy eating, just eating good food.  But, now I need to concentrate on eating a lot less.  A lot less.  We especially munch in the evenings, but this will stop.

Also, for the past few years I have moved a lot less, due to my back problems.  I had an operation last September, and have gradually been improving week by week.  Thank bloody goodness!  The appointment for the gym will be through soon, and in the meantime, I am doing my recovery exercises, and am walking the dog.  It still hurts, but I'm sure this too will improve.

I have now reduced my medication to a fraction of what I was once consuming, as I simply don't need them so much.  It has taken a while to work out which meds I can reduce or stop, such as I don't need that one, I just need this one, but no, I do need that one, so let's try and stop this one.  The other one has gone completely.

So, the big job for this next year - and here I am laying down my gauntlet, is three-fold.

1.  Lose that weight - by eating smaller portions, eating more fresh fruit and veg, and vegetarian meals
2.  Become stronger and fitter, more core strength and endurance, I want to walk further and longer
3.  Reduce my medication.

I have a Blue Badge and a movability car.  This has been invaluable to me, as I could not have lived my life or gone to work, without it.  But, if I can improve my overall health and fitness, I may not need either.

Now, that would be a happy new me.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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