Thursday, 13 January 2011

I Will Survive!

Woo, hoo!  I have been quite worried over the last year or so as my blood pressure and cholesterol have been 'raised'. 

I went for my 'MOT' tests in December, and got the results this week.  My cholesterol and Blood Sugar are 'acceptable' and my Blood Pressure is Normal.

So, I stopped taking the blood pressure tabs - only a small dose, anyway, but felt I needed to just check this out with the doc.

I spoke to her this morning, on a telephone consultation, and though I need to have the BP checked another two times before a conclusive diagnosis can be made - I can stay off them!

And, furthermore, by losing weight, being a non-smoker and a t-totaller, I have reduced my chances of a heart attack within the next few years, down from 1 > 5 to 1 > 20! 

How bloody wonderful is that, eh?!

So, I lost 2 lbs last week at the old weight watchers new Pro Points plan, and it seems to be working.  I shall find out tonight if anymore has gone.  But, judging by the way I have been pee-ing for Scotland this week, it looks likely.

Also, I have signed up at the local Live Active pool and gym, went to Aqua-fit last night; and am due to attend for Zumba on Monday - so here goes for 2011!


Just Original said...

Well done you!

Vanessa x

Penny said...

What she said - well done you.


tea and cake said...

Awe, you two are so sweet - thank you *she curtseys* :0)

Some Chilean Woman said...

I am a Zumba freak! I love it so much, if I don't do it at least 5 times a week I start having withdrawals.

Sounds like you're on your way to reaching your goals and that makes me so happy for you!

tea and cake said...

Hey SCW, lovely to hear from you! Yep, I did love the Zumba! And, I'm going to Aquafit, too. I am achy! but, I don't care, it must be working, eh? My daughter does it and is an addict, like you!

Roobeedoo said...

Woo hoo! Well done!