Monday, 3 January 2011

I buy my own Christmas Presents & Change Rooms

     'Give me your Christmas List, or I won't know what to get you!

Is the cry I hear all through December. So, here it is

a new dressing gown
a metal ruler for my embroidery course (for drawing lines and cutting outs)
Downton Abbey dvd
a sparkly bracelet
Best of Parky dvd

Not much to ask, actually, is it?  No.  So, what did I receive from my lovely family and friends out of this list?  The Parky dvd (from my sister) and a beautiful sparkly bracelet from the everloving Mr T.

Luckily, I did receive some Christmas money, so Amazon orders have been placed for the ruler (£1.47) and Downton dvd (£15.95) and M & S will perhaps have a sale on, so I can shop there.

~ -o0o- ~

And, the Changing Rooms team is here!  Don't get so excited it is me and Mr T, as well as SIL to help with any (loads) of the heavy lifting.  We have wardrobes, chests of drawers and a whole sewing room to move around upstairs.  Woo, hoo! 

Our rather large bedroom is above the woodshed, the mud floor woodshed, in a very cold and snowy Scotland.  The cold was such that we would put a pillow at the top of our heads, to keep some warmth in And, it is a  l-o--n---g way from the bathroom (actually about thirty feet).  And, my sewing room is next door to our bedroom, and has to be passed when attending to the bathroom, etc, which means that it is espied by Mr T each time he vacates said bedroom.  Now, you have seen the mess in there, ladies, and you know what these men are like - very visual beings.  I got fed up with the amount of earache I was getting for that.  Also, our third room, our spare room is right next door to the bathroom.

So, yesterday, we moved our bed (heavy wooden frame, and tempur mattress) and stuff into the spare room - bliss.  It is lovely and warm, much lighter and brighter, and right. next. to the bathroom. Result.  Our old (large) bedroom will now be my sewing room :o) and the other room, the spare room.  Which means there is more room in the sewing room for z-beds etc, and we all win, all round.

A good and organised start to 2011, methinks.  Perhaps I shall get more work done, and as I've more or less gotten everything sorted out, be able to find stuff, and remember that I own it before buying anymore stuff.  Great Result.


Penny said...

Sounds like you had a good move round: hopefully the set up will really work for you now.

tea and cake said...

Hi Penny, yes the new setup is working well for us - which I think Mr T is surprised at! The z-bed was in my workroom on Saturday night, when nanny's best girl stayed in there, as the telly is currently in there.