Sunday, 5 September 2010


Yes, very busy lately.  And, I was quite poorly with a facial neuralgia, that was bloody painful I can tell you.  Then, the meds given for it make me drunk.  All day.  I told the doc that, when this is over, I may take up drinking!  I am getting used to the drugs (Gabapentin) now and the effects are just that I am fairly lad back, can sleep at night, and the symptoms of tingling in my face, are greatly reduced.

I enrolled onto the course last week, and hadn't realised I could stay there all day, gah!  But, I had delayed taking my meds so that I could understand what was being told to me, and was ready to go when Mr T collected me a couple of hours later.  He had been to the hospital physio for his back problem - that still hasn't been diagnosed.  He has been given some exercises to do that may or may not work. 

However, the course seems absolutely brill, and we have two women from India giving us a workshop on Indian embroidery in the few weeks.  Whoop Whoop!  I had to stop myself from weeping with joy, that it just gets better and better.

I went to the UK Knit Camp, Stirling at the beginning of the month, and took a workshop with Carol Feller, on the magic loop.  Now, I am hooked!  And, it's so easy.  I showed it to people at my craft group on Thursday, and one actually had a go.  Though, they all had a reason for not trying it, but there you go.  I treated myself to a deluxe set of knit-pro interchangeable needles and am finding them indispensable now.  It certainly removes my propensity for ladders. 

There was a lovely atmosphere at the camp, especially with the spinners, who were making an attempt at a Guinness Book of Records sheep to jumper (or yarn to garment, or sheep to shoulder, I don't know and can't seem to find out!) challenge.  Unfortunately, they took nearly six hours, so didn't beat the 4 hour record, but they seemed to have a lot of fun.  I could only go there on the Saturday due to work commitments, but if it comes up again I shall try to get there.

My bro is up visiting at the moment and he loves to look at arty exhibitions, so I took him and Mr P along to the Salutation Hotel in Perth to look at the  Prestonpans Tapestry.  This is an embroidered panel telling the story of Bonnie Prince Charlie's attempt at gaining back the Scottish throne, and the great battle at Prestonpans in 1745.  The panel developed from an idea to make a tapestry similar to the Bayeux, and was completed this year, and is now the longest tapestry in the world.  Do have a look at the site and go along, if you can, it is a wonderful piece of work.

I do have some piccies of bits that I have made, and will post up soon, promise.  Have a good week.

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shandy said...

Loved that dress you made out of old curtains!