Sunday, 22 April 2007

They're Here!

Yes, the chickens have moved into their spiffing new house and run that Mr T and my bro made this week, Look!

Aren't they gorgeous?!

Although they are over in a large walled garden with two good gates, there is a big, big problem with foxes (the swans on the loch usually lose all or most of their signets to the darned things each year) and weasels, so they need to be secured in a house and run. This will be moved every few days or so, depending on how quickly they eat all the grass. They should start laying in 10 - 14 days and then we'll have lovely fresh eggs!

Though he was a bit wobbly tonight, Mr T insisted on weaving his way over to close them indoors. We had been out for Nanny's best girl's birthday dinner. After she and her mum and dad went home, we kind of got locked in the pub and, well the ale flowed freely, shall we say.

He is tucked up in bed now, gently snoring.

Meanwhile the dog is also in her bed, gently making very smelly farts. Is this because she 'in season' at the moment, do you think?


Karen said...

Oh yes they are like ours what a coincidence! We'll have to put a sign up on Chateau La Chook saying twinned with Tea and Cake. It is a spiffy house Mr T and bro should be very proud

tea and cake said...

They are very proud of the spiffy house!

Will you be changing your blog to Breezy Beak Blog?

The hens names so far involve the K£C fried chicken shop ... zinger being favourite, but I haven't let them hear it. And, they wouldn't go to bed until it was nearly dark tonight. Gawd knows what'll happen at the height of summer when it barely gets dark here by 11.30pm!

Eliza said...

hands up who thinks dog farts are potentially the stinkiest smell known to man...

my dogs often make me gag.

(lovely house, you should be proud!)

tea and cake said...

hi, eliza. yes they are the stinkiest known to anyone!

Ally said...

Even worse when one of the dogs is diabetic ... :).

How are you getting on with your drinker? I had one like that originally but found that they tipped it over :/.

tea and cake said...

hi ally, diabetic doggie farts, eyuck!

the drinker is fine, so far, but the food had to be lifted as they kept kicking grass and weeds into it.