Friday, 13 April 2007

Not long now...

Well, halfway through April and, it seems, the Summer may just have arrived.

Nanny's best girl returned from her holiday with The Other Side of her family (estranged father and strange grandmother) sporting a lovely pair of high wedge shoes - at aged 10 years of age. I ask you! Great for playing the swingball game for the garden I got her for Easter.

Oh, she is a gem. Staying over for a couple of days, she brings great joy, and a reminder of the disruption a whirly-gig can bring to our lives! Today she came with me to see Mr and Mrs Farmer's new baby lambs, and we arrived just as a ewe was giving birth to her second lamb. Facinated eyes watched as the tiny wee scrap slithered out and, looking blindly about, made it's first 'baaa..'

Somebody who was burning heather caused the local volunteer fire-fighters to take a break from lambing to put the damned buggering thing out, before it continued to sweep along willy nilly and destroy all in its path. The billowing yellow smoke was a tad exciting to see though I shouldn't say so.

Our bedroom is now very dark. Our new V£lux blind has arrived! After over two years with nowt at the window I shall not be awoken by either the full moon glaring at me; nor the bright morning sunlight of, oh, about 3.30am of the height of summer. Bliss.

However, when the blind arrived I eagerly tore open the wrappings, with full intentions to fix up the thing myself. I know it is easy as I watched Mr T fix one up in our last home, with nary a swear word to be heard. Funny thing tho'. When I read the instructions, with pictures and everything, I got a bit scared when I realised I would need a screwdriver and bradawl. Ooh, I didn't want to be doing stuff like that. Did I? This is spooky as, when a younger woman I was, I would think nothing of hammering in a few screws or gaily making holes for where the things would go. But, now I'm not so sure about this stuff, which is a bit weird.

I went out to visit new lambs and calves and left Mr T to do it. I never heard any cussin' or nothin'.

We have, as we speak, plans, drawings, lengths of wood and a man found who can supply other wood and stuff for our Chicken Coop! Hurrah!

And, the name and telephone number of a man who may be able to supply some laying hens. Not long now then...


Karen said...

I know what you mean about DIY stuff I'm a bit that way too. Still you don't buy a dog and bark yourself as I keep telling TOH when he wonders why he gets all these jobs. He's not impressed for some reason.

Wavy Davy said...

Tea and Cake (and especially karen)!! I'm shocked. DIY isn't DIY if you don't DIY.

I hope that's clear.

Lol, Wavy.

tea and cake said...

karen: exactly!

wavy davy: *waves* hello and welcome! Yes, you are right, it is just laziness on my part but, if Mr T didn't do all the DIY, what Would he be doing? eh?