Friday, 28 March 2014

And, I'm feeling good!

Hurrah!  I have been twice now to the gym, on the GP referral thingy, and it seems to have lifted my mood, quite significantly.  I suddenly feel better than I have done, in the last couple of years.

In other news, I have finally completed a 16 page report I needed, and wanted, to get done.  And, I'm pleased with it.  I am a workaholic sometimes, and this rarely changes, so I am learning to accept it for what it is, and go with the flow.  And, this helps with the stress levels, too.

On the craft front I am keeping quite busy, too.  I went to a lampshade making course, and really enjoyed it.

This is my lampshade, with the blue and grey circles.  It was some fabric I bought several years ago, to line a bag I was making my daughter, for Christmas.

Lacemaking!  Something that has been on my mind for ages.

And, the weaving.  I have wanted to do weaving for such a long time, and dare not start it.  Now, if I want to continue with it, I will need to find lots of space and lots of money.   Damn, shouldn't start something, you can't carry on, really.  Hmm.

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