Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Now, it's the neck!

So, I went to visit my lovely Chiropractor this lunch time and, she made me feel a lot better.  I still have to rest it, but she did find some really sore spots on my neck and upper back, and zapped me there.

I will see her again next week, and am hoping I will be able to drive myself there.

In the meantime, readers, I can spend a little time on my laptop, and have found some reading ... of which the 'puter will not upload, grr.  So, First Up we have 'Handmade Silk Paper' by Kath Russon and 'Lampshade Lady's Guide to lighting up your life' by Judy Lake.  Both of these crafts have also been calling me for a little while, and I am due to go to a lampshade making workshop in November (as soon as I've paid, oops forgot earlier!)

And, the builder has also done our stair bannister for us.  These were previously solid (stud) walls and, as we have electric heating we want to get the most out of it.  By opening up the stair walls it lets the heat up, and the light into a fairly dark hallway.  So, the work continues - we bought the paint for the walls, yesterday and, as soon as that's done we can order the new carpet.  This is a lovely new start, in  a house we were never planning to live in, but we actually feel quite cosy and settled in - strange, isn't it?

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