Friday, 5 July 2013

And, another long time has passed!

Since I last wrote on here, I don't know just where the time goes, but go it does, eh?

So, what has been happening in the meantime?  Erm, same old really.  Go to work, keep knitting etc, etc.

I had a visit from my sister and her husband, up from middle England, which went okay.  She twitters on, I keep it zipped, and we get along fine.  Luckily, we are both into crafts, so there is a lot to chat about.  She has two new grandchildren arriving this year, so lots of baby talk, too.  You can tell I am still keeping it zipped, can't you?!  If you can't say anything nice .....

I have been suffering a lot more with my back this year - since travelling down to England in late February, for our grandson's third birthday.  It has something to do with sleeping in different beds, and being in the car for long periods, though we stop for rests fairly regularly.  Anyhow, I had an MRI scan, and was very relieved to hear there was nothing 'sinister' happening.  But, after being persuaded to have an appointment with the neurological surgeon, I find out that there is not one slipped disc but two.  And, a third that has 'nerve compression' eek.  So, I am really thankful that technology has moved on greatly (other than the new kindle fire HD, iPhone, BBC iPlayer, of course) so that in fact they can do a third back operation on me.  And, it is agreed that the surgeon will tackle all three areas in one go.  A further plus is that there is only an eight week waiting list, and as I underwent a session at the pre-op clinic, I am basically a very well person, hurrah!

This has meant I have had to temporarily suspend my PG practice teacher's course at RGU, mainly due to the level of pain I have been suffering and the increase in medication, makes it very difficult to concentrate.  I had thought I was coping, but actually have not, as well indicated by the essay I produced.  As I said to the course leader, if I was marking it as a PE, it would not pass.  Luckily, as well, there is mediation for extenuating circumstances, and the uni could not be more helpful.

In other news, which is so good, we are having a new bathroom fitted, the week after next - woo, hoo! We are doing away with the bath, and having a shower fitted, as selected by Mr T, and I have the sink I love - easily pleased you see!    Speaking of which, I have the new loft conversion all planned out to the minutest detail, for me to be using it as a craft space.  Just have to win the lottery and it's all sorted, eh?  But, seriously, we do have the man lined up to change the bannisters to our stairs next, so that more light comes into the hall/landing space, and the heat can rise up more easily, thus cost us less.

Doncha just love Homes under the Hammer and Escape to the Country?  Gives me all the ideas for Mr T to undertake.  He is less happy with these 'Boring, bloody programmes!'

ta ta for now,

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