Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A New Year Catch Up blah

Well, as everyone else is doing a new year catch up, I thought I should have a go, too.

Starting at the end, Mr T and I have been right poorly!  I started in on Boxing Day with a  vicious bout of the novo virus, to the point that the family felt they couldn't go off and visit brother and sister-in-law, and leave me alone.  Dah!  Then, Mr T succumbed to it in part; then we have both been down with colds.

But, we are very excited by the prospect of this year - due to stuff I can't write about here, yet.  But, I will spill the beans and tell all, as soon as I can.  Promise.

In the meantime, I started back at college for the 2nd part of my City & Guilds in september, and my theme this year began as 'Golden Wedding Veils'.  However, as some of you may know, what you start out with changes over the time and process of working on the project and it has already changed to 'A women's life as a wife'.  More to come on that, and when I've caught up with myself, I'll gen you up.

I am struggling with posting photos up at the moment as, in about October, I got myself an Apple MacBook Pro!  I love it, and it's super powers, but am still not au fait with how to work the blimmin' thing!  We have a book on it, and one of my Chrissy pressies is a course in March on 'Photoshop for the Mac' which I am really looking forwards to.

In March and October I did a course in screen printing which, though I enjoyed it, I found it physically demanding on my back.  To the point I had to miss a couple of my days at college as I was in so much pain.  However, I have now joined the print studio, which will mean I can pace myself as to when and how long I can be there.  Ideas of what to print, especially on fabric keep running around in my head, so I shall get started very soon.

Our boss didn't come up to visit this year, due to a serious illness.  This meant we had more free time and a bit less earnings but, he is hoping to come up again in the Spring.  It doesn't look as likely as he is hoping, but we'll see.  We hope he can come, as we like him very much.  He won't recover from this illness, but he is a very determined person, and we look forward to seeing him again, if he can make it.

Meanwhile, our daughter took a course as a nail technician.  I hadn't realised quite how popular gel nails, manicures and pedicures are and she is doing really well.   I had mine done and am so pleased with them.  Now, I wonder why I haven't had them done before, they are so pretty, and strong.  They were first done when I was mid screen printing course, and they stood up to all the paint and chemicals that involves, too.

I don't think I have made much this year, though I did a craft stall in August.  I seriously under-estimated the amount of products I needed for a stall, but did sell one of my paintings!  I was bowled over at that and vow to produce some more.  I do continue to knit, though and made a knitted vest for my grandson, as well as a colour work cardigan for one of my grand-daughters.  I am slowly coming around to knitting toys and tree ornaments - currently thee is a teddy bear, with clothes on the needles for one grand-daughter who will be five this year, and is well into dressing and undressing dolls.  One of her wishes at Christmas time was for some clothes for her Barbie and Ken - so they are now fully furnished with trousers, jumpers and hats!

Some of the blogs I have been reading have said about a word, or mantra, people are using this year and I have decided mine will be the following;

Health - I need to be and feel more healthy; lose the weight, ensure proper eating for balance and optimum health
Organisation - I work at several places and became very disorganised, so that I was late or missing various things, including outings and friends; this year menus will be written, appointments made and kept
Family and Friends - These are very important to me, and I neglect them.  This year this will not be happening.  Also, I have a propensity for 'sticking with it' and that includes, at times, being with people or in places that I don't need to be.  So, from now, I will nurture the ones who are important, and I will junk the rest.

My best wishes to you, for 2012
Karen x

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Shabby Chick said...

Hi Karen!

Thanks so much for your lovely comment :)

I hope you're well and that you have a wonderful Christmas, I am pretty envious about your gel nails, must be great having such a talented daughter!

Mel xxx