Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Well, what a turn up?!

As you may remember, from my previous posts, Mr T had recently taken up the sport of archery.  Something he did at school, some oh.... a few years ago now, and was interested in doing again, now we are semi-retired. 

Well, the local club he joined had an 'Open Day' on Easter Sunday, so that anyone could come along and have a play, including family members.  We arrived, en masse, loaded down with picnic paraphernalia, children and, minus dog on a lovely sunny day, to do so.

Little did we know that another three of us would be hooked, as it were!  Mr and Mrs Daughter both tried and fell in love with it, and so did I.  Seriously. 

It was such fun, but I likened it to golf.  However much you try, only one hit in many, for me at least, made its target! Mr and Mrs D had much more luck, and now we are frantically begging and borrowing kit, to match our sizes and (ahem) abilities = strength of pull, so that we can get to practicing some more.

Who knew?

ps the 'Boing' of the title is the sound my arrows made as they hit trees - all three in one of the tries I had!


Kate said...

I 'did' archery once, in my days of being a newly-qualified teacher before my own sprogs came along. It was addictive. I still yearn for that 'boing' sound whenever I see anything vaguely related to the bows and arrows. It's certainly something that I could see myself taking up again later in life, once I'm a bit further from the intensive childcare phase.

tea and cake said...

That will be great, Kate. Thanks for your comment and welcome!