Saturday, 19 March 2011

It's not yet, but not too early

Hi again

I have now calmed down, thank you to those who commented on my last post.  Phew, it did make me feel better, knowing that others feel the same, thank you guys. x

Now then, we had a brilliant red nose day on the telly last night, with some really funny highlights.  There was also some very harrowing film footage of the suffering of a lot of people in this world. I'm afraid I couldn't watch it all.

However, I do know there are some things we can do.  So, when my daughter came up with an idea a couple of weeks ago, for our weight watchers group to take part in the Relay for Life, I of course, said yes.  Like many others I have personal reasons for wholly supporting any Cancer research or charity. I have a link up there on the left of my sidebar, and another one here Relay for Life and, if you can or wish to, we would welcome anything you are able to donate.

Thank you.

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