Monday, 1 October 2007

And again...

Please don't read any further if you are bored with my rantings. I wouldn't. Actually, I have deleted the part of this post that revolved around my rantings. Enough already!


I am off to China on Thursday. This is with and their Meaningful Travel.

I have long wanted to go on a Voluntary Services Overseas break, but cannot consider leaving home for a year or so, as Mr T is not interested in such goings on at all. Then, I happened accross i-to-i which sparked off an idea for my 50th birthday that happened in July. I think this is a great idea, and much better than a party. So, I am off to the Chinas, to celebrate my birthday, but with a twist.

Anyway, Mr T is not going, and I shall be accompanied by my great friend Miss Bev. And, we are going to teach English as a foreign language to primary school children and their teachers, in Xi'an, for three whole weeks. Which, as we are not teachers, will be, well, interesting! We will, however, get our weekends off so intend to view the Terracotta Army (I know, we could have saved our pennies and buggered orf to Londinium to visit them, but heck) and will go and see the Great Wall, which is on the telly tonight but I've lost the plot.

I shall, dear reader, be keeping those at home and abroad informed of my travels via my Travel Blog! here at: So, do keep in touch. I will be back at the end of October. Do behave in my absence.

love, kaz xx


Dandelion said...

Wo, that sounds awsome! Can't wait to read all about it.

Bon voyage, and happy 50th!

Misssy M said...

Can I recommend that you buy some CDs with nursery rhymes/kids songs etc for the real young kids- also teh CBeebie website will be a great help. I taught EFL for a while in Germany and Spain and songs were a lifesaver with the little kids.

What an adventure! JEALOUS!

tea and cake said...

dandelion & missy m: Thank you!
I had forgotten about the CDs! eek! Luckily, nanny's best girl is here, and she says that Tesco do some, so last minute shopping for me!

nanny's best girl is very impressed that I'm going to be a teacher!

cheers, kaz xx

Jen said...

Gosh, how incredibly exciting. Sounds just the ticket after your awful news I've just been reading about.

Have a truly terrific time - I'm massively jealous. X

Nea said...

What a great thing to do for a holiday... strange that I should think so as I teach English as a second language to sprouting Swedes and have done so for ten years and thought I was totally fed up with it... maybe I still enjoy it after all.
I am sure you will gain as much as you give. Happy holiday!

kate1976 said...

Have an awesome time! Look forward to reading about your travels.

Breezy said...

I come by to see what you're up to and blow me you've b'd off to China. You intrepid thing you. Just think you'll be able to drop "well when I was working in China" into so many conversations. Have fun!

Breezy said...

Been reading your China blog sooo jealous it sounds like you are having a really interesting time bet you come back on a high!