Thursday, 26 July 2007

Up shit creek

In the words of some bloke off the telly 'I don't belieeeeeve it!'

Last Tuesday I reached the golden age of the half century.

By Saturday's post (some 4 days later, er, for those who can't count, or who've lost count) I recieved, from our local hospital, a kit for collecting poo, so that I can send it back to them and they can test it for bowel cancer!

In other areas you need to be 60 to do this.

I suppose if they look after us right, and detect it early - we may live until at least 60, eh?


Jen said...

A poo-collecting kit? Ooh, now you don't see THAT in John Lewis when you're hunting for life-enhancing pressies!!

Happy Belated Birthday X

kate1976 said...

The cheek of it?!! They will be sending you Saga brochures next!
Happy Birthday!!!

Karen said...

They could at least of sent you a birthday card. I know it's morbid curiosity but what does this kit comprise of?

By the way I have an ulterior motive for dropping by I am tagging you for the 7 random garden facts meme

spleenal said...

oo, you did what i think about doing all the time.
downsizing I think they call it. So that you can concentrate on what's important to you.

I'll be checking up on you to see that you you do what I havn't the balls to do.

stop reading this comment and get writing. may be something with space ships in it?

is that how you spell downsizing? I feel like I want to put an e in there.

tea and cake said...

jen and kate: Thank You!

karen: you have to put two samples on a card (provided) on three separate days. Wash your hands. And, send it off to them. (you are weird!)
And, thanks for the meme - I think!

spleenal: hello & welcome. Space ships - hmmm. And yes, downsizing is without an e, or it wouldn't be downsizing, would it?!

apprentice said...

How efficient, if only our bowels we're as good. It's the new ring of confidence

(Average man in parts of Glasgow cops his whack at 67, a year younger than the proposed new State Pension age, cha ching Gordon!)

tea and cake said...

Hi apprentice: the puns, the puns!

some time soon, I shall be placing my hard-earned savings under the matress - they'll only take them off me when I'm old and need housing and care...

headless chicken said...

A belated happy bithday to you!
Eeeew....poo sent back by post?!!!

Carole said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I've been having a look around yours and see that you've been doing Start Writing Plays with the OU. I did that and a couple of years back and really enjoyed it.

tea and cake said...

headless chicken: It was only a tiny, wee scraping :) and sealed; the postie grimaced when I handed him the envelope!

carole: heloo and welcome! I loved the Start Writing Plays - I think that is my thang now; though I Must get on with my Novel - it keeps visiting me now ... the characters are forming......