Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Grumpy New Year

The new year hasn't started off very brilliantly.  Mr T has been found to have arthritis in his back and both hips.  Though it at last explains the level of pain he has been experiencing, it has been a huge blow to him, a young(ish) strong and fit man.  He has been told to rest up, and never lift anything heavy, walk too much on hard ground, and never run.

I still haven't found a job.  I fit all the criteria, have more than enough experience, but fall apart at the interview.  I still currently have self-employed work, which I do enjoy and find very satisfying, and I do it well.  But, it really doesn't pay enough - I have just submitted my tax return and I am left with less than the minimum wage after all the other expenses.

But, on the plus side - we are basically healthy and well, our children are getting on fine and we have strapping grand-children who are simply beautiful.

We have both lost weight with Slimming World - Mr T has lost over three stone, and I have lost over one stone.  We're on the way.

Oh, and Mr T has been offered a full-time job that is tailor-made for him, and that he can cope with physically.  That helps.